Need a little more play, self-care, and creative expression in your life? Perhaps it's time to get into your body, breath & voice so you can feel your vibe coming alive!


    Tuning in with our environment, God, ourself and our intentions with vocal toning, intention setting and a short meditation. Connecting with our own sonic frequency is key to our magic unfolding.


    MOVE THE BODY WITH INTENTION. Ashtara will offer a different movement theme EACH PRACTICE to bring you from a state of simply moving to a place of deep embodied feeling THRU MOVEMENT.


    Breathwork baby. Bliss out on breath. After we move our body, we open our lungs to the mana & allow the nervous system to reset and heal itself. Close out this ride with a wave of glorious stillness. 


This course is for you if you want...

  • To experience dance as a pillar of your daily sadhana (spiritual practice) & learn specific tools to deepen you into it.

  • Space to open your voice, breath, and lungs to regulate your nervous system, activate your prayer-field, and take you to deeply meditative states.

  • A balance of structure & fluidity in your embodiment practices. Honoring the lineage and making your practice fit for you.

  • A space where there is full permission to follow your intuition, body and needs.

  • A deeply ritualistic, fun and supportive daily practice to re-invogorate your embodied living.

  • Feeling of supportive community from the comfort of your own home (what's up hermits ;))


  • 11 Hour-long Recorded Videos

    $275 value

    Practices for an 11-day journey to RE:VIVE YOUR VIBE. The practices are broken up into 3 "trimesters" meaning the practices change every few days! But every session is totally different!

  • Bonus CODEX material

    $100 value

    The BREATH CODEX & DANCE CODEX are part of your bonuses. These 2 audios can be taken anywhere for offline listening and deepen you into your vibe. Take them into nature for ultimate reset!

  • Online Community


    A cozy place outside of the normal apps to share about your journey with these practices & connect with others getting into them.

Welcoming you to your fullest expression.

Welcoming you to Re:vive Your Vibe.


  • After I purchase RE:VIVE, how long can I watch this content?

    You will have access to the 11 one-hr. classes + the DANCE CODEX & BREATH CODEX replays. You will also receive updated reflection points within the course platform to keep you focused on the mission -- REVIVING THE VIBE.

  • But what exactly are we doing?

    We are creating a daily container to use mantra, movement and breath to deepen our understanding of ourself and reset our energy so we can feel present and delicious in the world. We draw on techniques from the Wim Hof Method, Kundalini Yoga, 5 Rhythms dance, and many other teachers who work in the realm of embodiment. Once you join the course, you also gain access to a resource list to go deeper in certain areas that call to you.

  • Is this only for womxn?

    No this space is open to all genders.